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Welcome to the AAP, where liberation and advocacy seamlessly meet to help change the lives of animals all around us 

About Us

We bring experts and organisations together to work for a better future. 

Our platform offers opportunities to discover, network and connect, find resources, training, and provide you with the support to overcome the struggle of a equitable and just form of animal liberation. Our goal is to empower communities to take action against the injustices of animal abuse and the proliferation of subjugation.

Our Services

How we can help Individuals & Organisations


Our platform is designed from the ground up for you to connect with likeminded individuals working in the animal liberation space - from cafes to conferences, supporters to sanctuaries


We provide a number of workshops and seminars on morality, ethics, animal rights, and liberation movements


Join one of our in-person events designed for those who want to connect with the community in the animal liberation movement

Why Choose Us


As an liberation focussed and dedicated CIC, we are deeply committed to people, planet, and its inhabitants


We have built the AAP from the ground up with the Animals at the forefront of all of our decisions. We are Pro-Liberation, and proud of it


Our platform is designed to get your from A-B as efficiently as possible, with all of our members happy to help you


No matter what your needs, we either know somebody, or can find somebody.

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