The members of the EAP community who are recognized as Greendividuals are integral to the success of our local environmental and sustainable initiatives. Our Greendividuals are people who are already doing great work in their community, company or in any other way. They are also individuals that have a real passion for helping those that are starting out on their environmental and suitability journey, and are waiting to connect with you!

We take great care in carefully vetting and interviewing each to ensure that they are experts in their respective fields and can provide valuable guidance and support. We understand that navigating the environmental and sustainability landscape can be challenging, which is why our Greendividuals serve as a valuable resource for people seeking to connect with like-minded individuals and organizations in their area of interest. From a wide diversity of backgrounds, these Greendividuals represent a wide range of organizations, including researchers, educators, activists, business leaders, aspiring entrepreneurs, and community leaders. With such a diverse group of individuals, we are confident that there is a Greendividual that can help support and catalyse your involvement in the community.

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Stuart Evans

  • CIC Focus
Stuart is a passionate advocate for animal rights and environmental liberation, rapidly gaining recognition as a sought-after speaker. With expertise in Critical Animal Studies and Environmental Philosophy, he has presented at prestigious events like TEDx, focusing on reshaping the West’s morality and ethics towards animals and the natural world. Stuart challenges conventional Western moral norms, highlighting the essential interdependence between humans and non-human animals. His research explores liberation theory, investigating nature’s struggle in a world dominated by capitalism and neoliberalism. Stuart advocates for a decolonized approach to animal liberation and promotes a biocentric world ethic, weaving critical theories into a truly equitable liberation framework. As the founder of both the Environmental Alliance Project and the Animal Alliance Project, he actively combats the ongoing exploitation of animals and nature, passionately championing environmental and animal justice