About the AAP

The What:

The AAP is building strong foundations to help bridge the gap between organisations and individuals, creating a unified movement for lasting impact for the animal liberation movement. We provide networking and coordination opportunities to avoid the duplication of efforts, thereby increasing the collective effectiveness of work.

Our platform is being designed to impart specialist support, resources, and training to overcome the challenges faced by wider organisations working on the global issue of animal exploitation. Our goal is to shift the perception of animal rights and liberation from a secondary concern to a central issue, and to empower our community to take action for the well-being of animals.

As a Community Interest Company, the AAP strives for a balance between traditional limitations faced by CIOs and the for-profit prioritisation of profit over progress. The AAP is founded on the principle that to address societal issues, we must actively contribute to their solutions, continually reimagining what might come after our climb out of the age of capitalism.

The How:

The AAP is founded on animal liberationist principles. Until human and non-human animals are free from systemic oppression, we will be forced to live in a segregated world of oppressors and the oppressed for all species.  

Our organisational structure allows us to be flexible and responsive to the needs of our community while also remaining accountable to them. We understand the importance of being financially sustainable while also being committed to our mission of animal liberation.

Our approach goes beyond simply addressing the symptoms of these issues and aims to fundamentally transform the systems that perpetuate them.

The AAP recognises the need for an organisation that operates within contemporary neoliberal, economic constraints while maintaining a sense of direction after its eventual transcendence. We see an opportunity to create an organisation that can navigate the complexities of the current economic system while keeping its ultimate goal of systemic change in mind.